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Eli has appeared as a guest star, recurring guest, and series regular in multiple tv shows and has starred in several movies. Below are some of Eli's favorite projects with pictures. To see more of his select work visit Eli's Resume.


Eli's first TV Show as Young Abe in the ABCs "Forever" where he earned his SAG/AFTRA Card. 


Eli played the lead role of Zack in Season 2 of Nickelodeon's "Zack and Quack". (Listed in the credits as "Eli Paul")


In one of Eli's favorite projects, his face is blurred out. Eli plays Jon's Real Son in TruTV's "Jon Glaser Loves Gear. This comedy combines Eli's love of sports, acting, and improv.


Watch Eli as Manny the low budget short film of "Benji The Dove." Now Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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