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In 2017, Eli starred as the title role in Trevor the Musical at Writer's Theatre in Glencoe, IL. While other 14 year olds were starting their Freshmen year, he was leading a show in its World Premiere. Due to the success out of town, Trevor earned an off-Broadway run in 2020. This was a highlight of Eli's career. He is honored to portray a role of such depth, while an important character for the LGBTQIA+ community.



"Cast led by the gifted Broadway kid Eli Tokash in the title role... Collins' very capable book, Wick Davis' songs, Bruni's direction and Tokash's performance all combine to give you a rich sense of a young adolescent kid whose boundless, unfettered passions are squelched by the ignorance of insecure peers who've been carefully taught by similar fearful adults." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

The extraordinary young actor Eli Tokash (“Finding Neverland”) makes sure Trevor comes across as instantly lovable in his exuberant optimism and unhinged adoration of diva Ross, yet also vulnerable in his mid-pubescent innocence.  He’s very real, with the character’s sexual identity obvious but unforced. Just as importantly, Tokash’s comic timing is superb." - Steven Oxman, Variety 


"Eli Tokash carries this show on his youthful shoulders and appears in every single scene of TREVOR. That is quite the feat, amplified more so by the fact that Tokash owns every single one of those moments. The 14-year-old Tokash displays the vocal prowess of someone years older and with more professional training, and he is an incredible actor. Whether he’s singing along with his idol and guardian angel of sorts Diana Ross (a dynamic and powerful performance by Salisha Thomas) or flinching as his fellow classmates proclaim him “Weird,” Tokash lends immense depth of feeling to each scene. He also delivers Josh Prince’s spirited choreography with apparent ease and ceaseless energy. This show asks so much physically and emotionally of Tokash as he forms the show’s empathetic center, but he never falters." - Rachel Weinberg, Perform Ink

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